Thmuis Preliminary Report – Rapport Préliminaire de Thmouis – 2013

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ISBN 978-0-9811785-5-4

The First Canadian Mission at Thmuis – Mission Canadienne de Thmouis

The first Canadian Mission and Thmuis (‘Mission Canadienne de Thmouis’ = MCT) took place from May 14 to June 9, 2013. The 2013 mission’s team included: Katherine Blouin (University of Toronto, historian and papyrologist, head of mission), Giorgia Marchiori (Italian Egyptian Archaeology Center, archaeologist), Thomas Faucher (IFAO, archaeologist and numismatist), Rachel Mairs (University of Reading, archaeologist and papyrologist), Mohamed Kenawi (Alexandria Center for Hellenistic Studies, ceramist and archaeologist), Nicholas Hudson (University of North Carolina Wilmington, ceramist), Aude Simony (Université de Poitiers, ceramist), Matthieu Van Peene (independent scholar, architect), A. Kirby (University of Toronto, historian and archaeologist). The SCA was represented by Mr Mohamed Mostafa Alshafey, inspector. The MCT is a semi-autonomous mission that takes place within the general concession and with the persmission of the University of Hawaii’s mission at Tell Timai (R. Littman and J. Silverstein dirs).

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